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Group & Couples Work Abroad

Working abroad, whether for a couple of months or a year doesn’t have to mean leaving your partner and friends behind. Not all of our work abroad programmes can accommodate couples and groups so we have pulled together all the options we offer for group and couples work abroad:

Work America

Where: Multiple locations across the USA

Who: Full-time University students

How Long: Up to 4 months

With jobs from waiting staff to sales assistants to bar work to lifeguards there is something for everyone and plenty of jobs to go around for your gap year group. Really immerse yourself in American culture, earn some money and have a great time! See all of our summer jobs USA.

Work Canada

Where: Panorama Mountain, Whistler, Canadian Rockies, Banff, Ontario, Kelowna

Who: 18 – 30 (UK) / 18 – 35 (Irish)

How Long: Up to 24 months

With jobs available all year round you and your partner* could be working the Front Desk in the Canadian Rockies, in the suites, restaurants and kitchens in Whistler, host of the 2010 Winter Olympics,  or serving drinks at the arts and cultural hub of the Banff Centre. Find out about all the group and couples jobs available with a BUNAC working holiday in Canada

*All visas are allocated on an individual basis and cannot be guaranteed together 

Work Australia

Where: Multiple locations across Australia

Who: 18 – 30

How Long: Up to 12 months

With up to a year to discover Australia and so much to see and do the options are endless. Jobs for couples and groups include working in hospitality, sales, administration or labouring. Our Starter Package is only £155 and includes a 3 month job assistance in Sydney when you first arrive. Find out more about the gap year group and couples jobs available for your working holiday in Australia

Work New Zealand

Where: Auckland and then all over New Zealand

Who: 18 – 35

How Long: Up to 12 months

From our main base in Auckland BUNAC will help groups and couples to find jobs all around New Zealand, as well as organising social events and offering trips to make your New Zealand experience truly amazing. Find out more about the gap year group and couples jobs we offer as part of your working holiday New Zealand

Working Holiday Visas

At BUNAC we are able to assist you in gaining the necessary working holiday visa for each destination. You can find out about the visa eligibility requirements for each programme on the respective programme pages. 

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