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Thinking of heading to New Zealand but worried about the prospect of making friends and finding people you get on with to live with once you are there? BUNAC and IEP have you covered!

IEP's (BUNAC's sister company in New Zealand) resource centre in Auckland is great place to meet like-minded working holiday makers and make friends! IEP organize weekly social events to help make finding people to live with in shared accommodation easier and not to mention fun!

Weekly Social Events

IEP hold a weekly pub meet every Tuesday in the Blue Stone Room, a beautiful, classic bar set in one of Auckland's oldest buildings.

Thursdays are movie night at the IEP offices. With an emphasis on showing you New Zealand movies on their huge projector whilst enjoying a gourmet burger. It's the perfect way to relax before the weekend.

If you fancy hitting the town instead then head out on Auckland's biggest weekly bar crawl which happens every Thursday night, which includes a free drink at every bar!

If you're in Wellington, which is home to lots of quirky bars and pubs, then there are social events including pub meets every two weeks.

Group Flights

Want to meet people before you get there? Instead of flying out on your own, head out on one of our Group Flights! With monthly departures, up to 40 people on each flight, a private Facebook group with all your fellow travellers and a 3 day stopover in Hong Kong along the way, you will be life-long friends before you even step on New Zealand soil!

Nicola says: "I decided to find work in Auckland and ended up sharing a flat with three other BUNACers. The flat was located just a block up from the sky tower! I stayed there for 4 months working, saving, exploring, making great new friends, spending Christmas on the sunny beach and learning the Kiwi culture. Choice!" Read how Nicole worked her way around New Zealand!

Best of all, everyone is on a BUNAC Group Flight for exactly the same reason, to meet like minded people heading out to New Zealand for at least a few months and the majority of people end up living with fellow BUNACers on their group flight!

Philip says: "I chose the Group Flight option which included visiting Hong Kong for a 3 day stopover with other BUNACers. Hong Kong is huge, there are people everywhere. We went to a few markets, had a tour up Victoria Peak, Stanley Market, visited temples and went out with the group for drinks; getting to know each other was great! Group flights are a great way of making new friends who you can stick with whilst settling in to your chosen destination." Find out more about Philip's Job in Fiordland.

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