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Summer Departures

Are you looking to do something a bit more worthwhile than a holiday this summer?

Look no further. BUNAC have so many different internship and volunteer work abroad opportunities worldwide that are incredible for this summer. Our summer internships abroad include Teaching English as a Foreign Language abroad in exciting places such as Colombia, South Africa and Thailand. Or you could try one of our summer volunteering abroad options and sports coach in South Africa or release the wild in you and experience Kruger National Park.


BUNAC programmes change lives. They shape you to be at home in a culture that was once alien to you. They provide you with friendships from around the globe. They give you transferable skills which will make you and your CV stand out from the crowd. The benefits of travelling are priceless. That's why at BUNAC we have great value-for-money internship and volunteer programmes to suit students, graduates, gap years goers and everything in-between.

No matter what your budget, we've got an adventure for you in summer 2017. If you’re interested request a call-back and we’ll advise you on the each of our gap summer options that we think you’ll like. Take a look at our top summer selections and see where the sun takes you this year...

Adventures Under £850

Volunteer India

From £690

£690 for 2 weeks

£1,010 for 4 weeks

£1,335 for 6 weeks

£1,620 for 8 weeks

£1,890 for 10 weeks

£2,220 for 12 weeks

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Volunteer Kruger National Park

From £820

£820 for 2 weeks

£1,299 for 1 month

£2,200 for 2 months

£3,100 for 3 months

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Teaching Internship Thailand

From £876

£876 for 2 months

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Construction Volunteering Nepal

From £800

£800 for 1 week

£1,150 for 4 weeks

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Volunteering with Children in Nepal

From £850

£850 for 2 weeks

£1,100 for 4 weeks

£1,350 for 6 weeks

£1,600 for 8 weeks

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    Adventures under £1,100

    Sports Coach South Africa

    From £995

    £995 for 5 weeks

    £1,400 for 8 weeks

    £1,650 for 10 weeks

    £1,900 for 12 weeks

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    Volunteeer Thailand - Coastal Conservation Project

    From £1,045

    £1,045 for 2 weeks

    £1,295 for 4 weeks

    £1,545 for 6 weeks

    £1,795 8 weeks

    £2,045 for 10 weeks

    £2,295 for 12 weeks

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      Adventures under £1,500

      Volunteer Thailand - Community Development Project

      From £1,295

      £1,295 for 4 weeks

      £1,795 for 8 weeks

      £2,295 for 12 weeks

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        Adventures over £1,500

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